At Seven Story Gardens, we are your partner in transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant, sustainable havens that enhance your lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from permaculture and regenerative land use practices, we deliver sustainable, useful, and stunning landscape designs that not only enrich your daily life but also contribute positively to the environment. Discover the difference with our holistic approach as we empower you with knowledge, personalized consultation, and visionary design, transforming your outdoor space into a masterpiece that resonates with your values.


The name “Seven Story Gardens” comes from a design strategy used to plan forest gardens. Plants can occupy one of seven niches, or stories, within a forest garden – canopy trees, small trees, shrubs, herbs, ground cover, vines, and roots. Using this framework, we can maximize the biodiversity of our green spaces and create thriving ecosystems for all to enjoy. You can learn more about the Seven Story Garden concept here.


Ian Goller is the founder and CEO of Seven Story Gardens. Although Ian first began playing in the dirt while helping in his mum’s vegetable garden as a child, his interest in sustainable land development truly started with a question: “If forests don’t need fertilizer and pesticides to thrive, why do our farms?” This question inspired years of study in permaculture, agroforestry, circular economies, environmental engineering, and other topics in sustainability. Seven Story Gardens is the culmination of this research, through which Ian hopes to share his knowledge and create beautiful and productive forest gardens for all to enjoy.


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